Don’t put it off anymore. Hair loss does not fix itself. Do not lose more hair.

Our Treatment Program starts with a free consultation and evaluation. This includes a microscopic examination of your scalp and hair to determine if you are a good candidate.

If you are a candidate we begin an aggressive treatment program. The program includes 30 minute laser – sessions usually twice a week. We may also recommend supplements or products that work in harmony with the low level laser therapy and enhance long term retention of your improved hair quality. The program will involve 6 to 12 plus months of treatments, along with scheduled evaluations to monitor your progress and help you to achieve the best results you can have.

State of the Art Service

Laser Hair Therapy uses the most scientifically-advanced cosmetic lasers.

Over 160 true laser diodes, not LEDS are precisely aligned to completely bathe the scalp and hair in therapeutic light from all angles. During the treatment session, you simply relax,watch TV or read while you receive the mosteffective treatment ever discov-ered to create a fuller, thicker and healthier looking and feeling head of hair.

Yes it is that easy!


Our Certified Hair Loss Consultants are ready to help you! CALL TODAY for your free hair and scalp evaluation. DON’T put it off and LET your hair loss GET WORSE … we can help you!